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Medium-High Level Order Pickers


Power: Electric and Lithium-Ion
Load Capacity: 1000 - 1200 kg
Max Lift Height: Up to 11200 mm


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Toyota BT Optio (1.0t – 1.2t)

The BT Optio medium to high order pickers gives the operator the ability to pick items up to 12.1m high. With a spacious cab and adjustable controls, the operator has great comfort, even at height. A walkthrough version is also available for placing pallets directly on the forks.

Check out the Toyota Medium to High Order Pickers – with models available for any application.

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In-height adjustable controls, clear information display, low step-in and smooth steering increase driver comfort.

Driver Adapted

Features such as steering sensitivity, acceleration, maximum speed and braking sensitivity can be adjusted and set to individual drivers’ preferences.


The operator can choose to drive the truck facing the forks, facing the mast, or facing either way thanks to dual controls. There is even the option of driving in the mast direction while controlling the forks.

Additional Model Features.

Walk Through
Order Picker

On certain models and for the more specialised order picking processes, we offer walk-through versions for placing pallets directly on the forks.

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