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Power: Electric and LPG
Load Capacity: 1500 - 2500 kg
Max Lift Height: Up to 15000 mm


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Aisle-Master Articulated Forklifts

The space-saving Aisle-Master range of Articulated Forklifts is designed to maximise storage capacity and reduce operating costs. Produced by Combilift, the versatile machines are built to increase the productivity and efficiency of your warehouse operations.

Check out the Aisle-Master product range – with models available for every application.

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Load & unload trailers, transport goods and replenish the racks with the same machine. Eliminate the need for multiple machines to handle the same load.

A Versatile

Operate on any floor surface, both inside and out, eliminating the need for additional machines such as Reach Trucks or Counterbalance Forklifts.


Reduce costs with more efficient offloading whilst increasing warehouse storage by 50% and lowering costs.


By optimising your racking layout and reducing aisle widths to as little as 1.6 m, you can increase your storage capacity within your existing facility.

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