How to Start a Career as a Forklift Driver.

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Are you considering becoming a Forklift Driver?


Are you considering a career working as a forklift driver and wondering where to start? When considering this type of work and career, you need to carefully consider and understand what the job entails, the skills and education that is required, plus how you undertake basic training. Below, we explore all of these important factors and the many benefits that are associated with a professional practical forklift course.


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Entry requirement and skills

It is important to know the minimum entry requirements and the skills that are required to embark upon forklift training. Although there are no set entry requirements for forklift training, it is an advantage to have a good, practical grasp of English and maths in order to help you with your practical training. Previous experience that has been gained from working in a warehouse environment will also help you. You will also need excellent practical skills, have a methodical working practice, and be able to pay great attention to instructions and those important small details.

What does the job involve?

Working as a forklift driver is incredibly versatile, meaning that you can work in various job sites including storage facilities, warehouses, construction sites, airports and even the docks. Your day to day tasks will also be incredibly varied and will change on a day to day basis. Tasks will include those of the daily checking and safety of your equipment; the loading (and unloading) of goods from ships, lorries, planes; communication with other team members on the ground; moving goods around a storage bay; stock control and taking deliveries; all while adhering to health and safety procedures at all times.

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How you can become a forklift driver

So, how do you become a forklift driver? You will need to undertake a practical course of training or an apprenticeship, and there are many different appreciations out there to choose from. On completion of an apprenticeship, you will receive an IMI (Institute of Motor Industry) Modern Apprenticeship in Fork Lift Truck Maintenance and Repair. This is recognised internationally with the training managed by the F-TEC and the Institute of Motor Industry.

The many benefits of a practical course or apprenticeship

It is highly advised that you undertake a professional course/apprenticeship, not only to gain a professional qualification and then forklift license, but also because you will get the opportunity to work with industry experts and experienced forklift drivers. Doing so will keep you and your fellow workers safe.


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The “” forklift operating training course teaches individuals to operate the forklift with care and safety. Individuals learn how to start, move and lift objects, and how to load/unload safety. If you have been working as an untrained operator then the course takes approximately 20 hours; a refresher course, only three hours. As a leading authority within the forklift world, they really do create a safe working environment for all forklift drivers who undertake their training.

Global Materials Handling are proud that their forklift drivers all undertake RTITB Forklift training.

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