Why hire a CESAB BV600 Forklift?

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An Overview of The CESAB BV600 Electric Forklift


If you are wondering about how best to go about forklift hire, the 80V four-wheel AC electric forklift B600 range is a great set of tools to help workplaces become a beacon of productivity and efficiency. Indeed, these CESAB forklifts are suitable for a number of different operations and provide easy and intuitive handling for professional forklift operators.

There are six different models to choose from, offering load capacities between 2 tonnes (the B620 model) and 3.5 tonnes (the B635 model), perfect for all kinds of materials handling.



Efficient and versatile

All of the forklifts in B600 the range have a travel speed of 18km/h with a load and 19km/h without one, meaning jobs can be completed speedily and efficiently. This efficiency is further demonstrated by its ability to easily complete multi-shift operations, as all of the products in the range feature an optional side battery transfer, making it great for complex operations.

The B600 range is versatile in that it has the capacity to work outdoors as well as indoors, and has a minimal risk of water damage. This is important to note due to the fact that many electric forklifts are not suitable for outdoor use, making the B600 range particularly special, and a great alternative to diesel or gas forklifts.


Improves the environment


One of the best things about battery operated electric forklifts is that they are much better for the environment than their fume-filled alternatives, and do not give off any harmful emissions. Their lifespan also tends to be longer than that of other forklift types so they do not need to be replaced so often. Due to the fact that electric forklifts tend to be lighter than diesel and gas options, they are typically quieter when in use, making the working environment a more pleasant place.


Safety first

Electric forklifts are also the preferred option for many forklift operators due to the fact that they are usually easier to handle than the alternatives as they only have two pedals – an accelerator and a brake. They do not feature a clutch or inching pedals as would be found in a diesel or gas forklift, meaning operators have fewer technicalities to consider when driving the machine, and, therefore, are less likely to make mistakes.

The B600 range also features IMD mast technology, which is able to automatically reduce travel speeds to safe levels depending on the weight of the forklift’s load and the position of the forks. This is a great feature that protects operators from accidents. Finally, the high quality of the components used in these forklifts should be noted, as they make for reliable and efficient tools, great for handling.

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