Guide to selling your forklift truck

A guide to selling your forklift truck

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A guide to selling your forklift truck

If your business doesn’t require the use of a forklift anymore, perhaps due to a change in circumstances, there are options available for selling, whether new or used equipment. Below are some basic pointers on ensuring you make the best decision in how you sell.

Private sale

Auto Trader is likely the first choice you may have thought of. Auto Trader is a good website, it’s well known and has instant recognition. However, with Auto Trader there is a cost of advertising your forklift, if you are selling multiple vehicles, then this could see an increase in the cost. If you’re able to sell direct to another company that requires this equipment, you could avoid this scenario – perhaps look into local businesses that may require a forklift.

Selling to a trader

One of the best approaches that people have found success with is selling directly to a trader who specialises in selling used forklifts. A trader would perhaps be able to take your entire fleet that you have for sale, they would be experts in the field and know exactly what kind of price to offer. You may find that the trader might be after a specific brand for sale, so it may be worth enquiring with local traders to discuss what they are currently selling.

Trucks for hire

While selling can be a slow process, some businesses have found success in hiring their equipment out. You could offer your trucks out for hire on short-term or extended periods and would find a steady stream of customers willing to access this service. However, if you decide to do this, you would need to ensure that you satisfy requirements. If you hire out forklift trucks, you would need to ensure you have the correct insurances in place, be responsible for maintaining the trucks if they should return faulty or broken and maintaining them even in periods when they’re not being hired or used.

Specialist buyers

Much like a trader, specialist buyer sites such as are able to do a lot of the hard work for you. An engineer can come out to your business to inspect your forklifts that you have for sale, no matter the condition they can still make an offer. Obviously the better condition it is in, the better the chance of making a decent sale. Sites such as these, like their companion sites for automobile trading, are quick and easy to use with a fast turnaround.


This may be a surprise, but you can sell anything on eBay, forklifts included. Much like the specialist sites, eBay is a great option as it is deemed as user-friendly. Listing your equipment is quick and easy, you can dictate whether trucks would need collecting and there is no limit on what you list. The best option is to list it for sale in the classified listings to ensure you aren’t at the mercy of bids and potentially selling your forklift for less than you would if you were dealing with a trader.

Should you require, Global Materials Handling Ltd can help you by providing valuations for buying used equipment.

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